Backpackers meet in Boljoon

As we opened our third small and cozy dormitory we've seen more and more backpackers visiting the south of Cebu! The international backpacking scene seems to finally discovered the Philippines! Having a welcome drink, meet other backpackers from all over the world and head for the most beautiful waterfalls of Cebu island! We at Noordzee Hostel try to do things different! Stay out of the mass tourist area and discover Boljoon! We love to cook for you but you can also arrange your own BBQ! Soon the best stories will go over the beach while enjoying the view on Bohol, Camiguin, Suquijor and Balicasak.

Noordzee Hostel is a laid back hostel in the Philippines but sometimes we like to crank that speakers up for some good techno! Our newest dormitory is build right on the beach with a 11m2 sea side overlooking balcony and a spacious rooftop terrace for having a BBQ or just to read a book from our book exchange. Rather like to have a private room? We got! Fully equipped with internet, youtube-tv and best of all, all with full sea view! As more backpackers find their way to our beach hostel we already welcomed more then 73 nationalities! We hope to meet you soon at Noordzee Hostel Boljoon!